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The Malki Family 

     A Chapter in the History of the People of Israel

The Malki Family traces its roots to Livorno, Italy - a town they left hundreds of years ago for Jerusalem and the Galilee hills in Northern Israel. not only were the Malkis remarkable for their decision to leave their origins behind, but also for their pioneering production of natural soaps based on olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil.
Following the Arab pogroms in the early 1900s, the Malkis relocated and continued production in Rhodes and Turkey where that government's ban on the use of animal fats helped establish and enhance the reputation of the family business.
In 1948, the Malkis returned to Israel. Today at their Beit Dagan farm, where various medicinal and other herbs are grown, the Malkis are living a legend that dates back to the Bible. They express this legend in the excellent line of natural cosmetics and toiletries called Yarden.